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Black Surmas

Black Surmas are generally used for a cool, refreshing feeling in the eyes. They are ideal for young people. Khojati Sada Surma is gentle enough to be used for children below 10 years of age. All the other Black Surmas can be used by any one, who is above 10 Years of age.

Khojati Sada Surma      
Khojati Sada Surma   Khojati Surma No 13   Khojati Surma No. 9   Khojati Surma Uncha Black
Khojati Surma No. 24   Khojati Uttam Black   Khojati Anmol Ratan Surma   Khojati Surma Noor-ul-Ain
    Khojati Surma Neem Special   Khojati Delux Surma
(With Almond Oil)

White Surmas
White Surmas have a high medicinal value and therefore are used to cure / bring relief to specific ailments.
  Khojati Surma Khas White   Khojati Surma Supreme White  

Special Surmas
Special Surmas are obtained from Mamira. Mamira is golden root rarely found at the foot of the Himalaya. It has a curative effect on cataract.
Khojati Surma Extra Special Mamira   Khojati Sada Surma   Khojati Surma Ismid (Special Red)   Gold Series Khojati Delux Surma

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