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Khojati Herbal Products

Khojati Herbal range of products from the house of Khojati includes products for Oral Care, Hair Care, Pains, Massage & more.

LOOLOO Gel Meswak   LOOLOO Gel Laung   LOOLOO Gel Neem   LOOLOO Meswak Powder
LOOLOO Laung Powder   LOOLOO Neem Powder   LOOLOO Mumtaz Amla   LOO LOO Roshan Zulf
LOOLOO Oleo Rheuma   LOOLOO Nanha Farishta   LOOLOO Oleo Hayat   LOOLOO Cold Shield
    LOOLOO Oleo Kalaun   LOOLOO Oleo Shifa    

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Our select Kajals and K-Veda products are available at India's leading online stores.
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Apart from online stores, all our products are available in our retail store in Mumbai and across the world in leading shopping malls, pharmacists, ayurvedic products stores, boutiques etc. Connect with us for more information about the availability of our products in your location.

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